Making a difference with a treatment that works

Clients have therapy for a variety of causes, some of the more common are: Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Relationship issues, Stress and Panic attacks.

At the core of most emotional and psychological problems there is psychological inflexibility. Leading to a narrowing of behavioural repertoires in certain trigger situations; such patterns are often based upon early personal history. I offer techniques and ways of being which enhance psychological flexibility thus enabling the client to try out new behaviours that move them in meaningful directions.

I rely essentially on the healing power of establishing a genuine person-to-person relationship. The rapidly developing ‘3rd wave’ of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tradition (in which I specialise) honours the values of my Integrative training. It incorporates the insights and practices from the ‘mindfulness’ traditions, yet allows me to conduct myself as a ‘scientist practitioner’. This is key to providing all of my clients with evidence-based treatment.

Working with individuals whether the format is: counselling psychology, psychotherapy or mindful mediation, the intended, collaborative outcome is to improve and enrich the life of the individuals concerned.

Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes, and are normally weekly. In your initial assessment we will agree a treatment plan that will include how long the therapy may last. I have a practice in Stoke Newington, north-east London. I work during the day and in the evenings, so I can work around your commitments.

I always prioritise your privacy and emotional well-being.