About Shani

I am a Counselling Psychologist and Registered Practitioner at the British Psychological Society.

I have more than 10 years experience of helping clients in a variety of contexts, from a wide range of ages, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. Having accumulated experience in psychological services in frontline London public-sector institutions, I now work also independently offering psychological therapies, psychotherapy and mindful-mediation interventions.

Shani Ram du Sautoy Counselling PsychologistI have completed a doctorate in counselling psychology at the University of East London.

HCPC Registered
BPS chartered member
BABCP member


Hi Shani,

I just wanted to put in writing how grateful I am to you for all of your help. I cannot believe how lucky I was to find a therapist that was such a perfect fit for me.

I have, on multiple occasions, been sat with friends talking about something or other that we were dealing with or was challenging that previously would have sent me into something of a spiral, and suddenly thought “wow, I’ve come so far, I need to text Shani and thank her!!” And my friends have enthusiastically agreed, having been witness to my improvement!!

I am so confident and reassured now in the fact that I have the skills to manage my health. Of course nothing is static so when I do feel anxious or even depressed I can deal with it and not spiral out of control, as I did in the past. You have taught me how to understand myself better, and how to help myself when I am struggling, and there is nothing more valuable than that! When I began therapy I could not see a point when I would be confident enough in my own ability to help myself that I would not ‘need’ it anymore, and it is such a testament to you that I feel confident in being able to manage now, and for that I cannot thank you enough!

You so perfectly balance compassion and honesty with constructive critique (for lack of a better term), showing me how to be compassionate towards myself when I needed it, but also knowing when I needed to be challenged.

My eternal gratitude and best wishes,
Charlie xxx
14 Dec 2022

Hi Shani,

I was flicking through Facebook; the list of people most of us can barely remember but the algorithm suggests we want to contact. It popped up your name!

I doubt you’ll remember me; in brief you helped me after a difficult time with dealing with a toxic family and workplace bullying. I think it was 2016. At the time, and we only had a set number of weeks, a lot of the tools and techniques you were presenting felt inefficient but I did my best to go with you and stuck to them as best I could after our meetings ended.

So that’s the history; what about today? In our brief time, you began a process that has built a better me! I went back into education, qualified as an electrician, own my own business, live by the beach in Dorset and, more importantly, have a totally different headspace. Toxic family are always a part of me but do not dominate my thoughts and every day offers something to be savoured.

Thank for your time and influence in that dark, transitional period. I hope your own life is as rewarding and wish you well.

Warm regards,
Marti Atkins
4 Nov 2021