Dr Shani Ram Du Sautoy on Metro

What tips would you give to people who find social media is making them depressed or anxious?

Leave social media if you feel it is an unsafe place. You would not go into work with people who are being rude or harming to you. If you walked into a school playground- would you walk into that social circle where bullies are? Or would you go to the other side and avoid? Would you go into a pub that you knew your drink had been spiked before, you would not allow yourself to be in a place of harm again eg cover drinks, keep yourself safe. etc.

Leave the space temporarily. Make a contract internally between you and yourself about what you will allow and permit. A procedure in place EG What do I do if I’m bullied, called fat, called stupid. Who do I go to for support? Who do I share with? How do I protect myself?

Need to address it like a physical scenario- a lot of information about bullying physically is currently available, but not much about social media space about your mental health.

Dr Shani Ram Du Sautoy, Harley Street & Fenchurch Wellbeing Centre